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Traveler Ni continues his trip through Japan

Another bad weather day, I left my friend’s home late and I had already lost the entire morning. To my frustration, the Imperial Palace (or Edo Castle, or even Tokyo Castle) was closed. This palace, surrounded by a moat and a garden, was built in 1457 during the Shogunate of Tokugawa Ieyasu of the Edo period.

I had lunch with a high school friend, I ve found her at Orkut, we hadn’t seen each other since that time, like 18 years ago. We went to a very nice restaurant near her work, the Bank of Brazil, near the Imperial Palace.

We said goodbye to each other after lunch and I crossed the Rainbow Bridge to the islet of Odaiba by monorail, a complex with impressive entertainment! Odaiba, also known as Rainbow Town, is an artificial island built on rubble that is 3.7 miles from Tokyo. Built from a major architectural project in 1986, the island was erected on top of 110 million cubic meters of land and incineration waste. On the island was built an artificial beach with whitish sand and lawn, used to sunbathe or practice water sports. It has some futuristic-style buildings, such as Fuji TV (with a sphere in the middle of the building) and Tokyo Big Sight (with four up-side-down pyramids), as well as some companies, amusement park, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, museum, artificial hot-springs and the Little Hong Kong.

I had dinner with Yoshi at a Japanese restaurant. Yoshi was a gentleman I have met in 2003 in Prague (capital of the Czech Republic), we talked for five minutes at that time and we keep in touch to this day. To save time the next day, I decided to stay that night in Tokyo, at the Oak Hotel, it was better located than the previous hostel.

I couldn’t avoid but try the famous toilet seats (washlets) in Japan! Well, there was one in the hostel. I sat down and pressed all the buttons possible, it was heated and squirted warm water, it was possible to control the height of the squirt (tickled!). And to finish it was enough to activate the dryer with hot air.

The toilet

By Traveler Ni

I have traveled the world for the past two decades and recorded my experiences. Come join me on my travels and plan your own adventure.

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