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Traveler Ni continues his trip through Japan

I left my friend’s home, towards Yokohama, after three “norikais” (the change of trains or “transfers”) between Odawara, Kaiyama, Ebina and Yokohama, I arrived. It was closer than Tokyo in the same province as Kanagawa.

Yokohama is a seaside town being the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo, very beautiful, pleasant and prosperous, like almost all the cities here. It has 3.7 million inhabitants, the largest port in Japan and the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the largest building in Japan, with 296m high and 70 floors, as well as other futuristic buildings. In the past it was a fishing village. Today it is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture.

I did the “walking tour” circuit along the seafront, passing through Minato Mirai 21 (the port), Yamashita Koen (a park), Chinatown and Sankei-en Garden. Chinatown here is very “niponized”, unlike other countries, here is very clean and people are polite!?! The price of things in Yokohama was even more expensive than the average in Japan. It’s the only place in the world where Chinese stuffs and restaurants are more expensive than local things and cuisine.

On the way back to Odawara I stopped by Ebina, and bought seafood on sale because it was already evening.

By Traveler Ni

I have traveled the world for the past two decades and recorded my experiences. Come join me on my travels and plan your own adventure.

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