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Traveler Ni continues his trip through Japan

I really liked Japan, it is a super developed country and also very beautiful. The Japanese people, I would say they are the most polite in the world, they are always maintaining the order and perfection with smile on the face. I would live in this country for a while, the country is very safe and it is possible to have everything, but it is all expensive, taking into account the cost of local living, maybe not so expensive for the Japanese.

Here everything is very clean, since childhood the Japanese citizen is educated to maintain hygienic habits, keep his own garbage, throwing something out of the car window can incur a heavy fine.

Not everyone speaks English and those who speak, due to the accent, the understanding becomes very difficult. I had the opportunity to practice my poor Japanese. Knowing “hiragana” (the Japanese alphabet) and a little “kanji” (the Chinese characters) helped me a little, and this situation led me to learn a little more.

The Japanese are honest and friendly for the most part, but also very naïve. They like Brazilians and in general they treat tourists very well, they like the “gaijin” (foreign). But on the other hand, there are some xenophobes and explicit discrimination, especially against Brazilian and Peruvian “dekasseguis”, who are mostly underpaid and sometimes deceived and exploited. I’ve heard some reports of injustices of Japanese gangs fighting against the “gaijins”.

Not everything is perfect, there is a lot of hypocrisy. The society is oppressive, the pressure on the individual begins early from childhood at home and school. The number of suicides is very high and the government seems to ignore this fact. The number of thefts of female panties is something absurd, several friends have reported it to me. I attribute the fact to the implicit repression in Japanese behavior, it would be a way of expressing their stress. After all it is not a sensual country as Brazil is.

Any show of “rebellion” like painting your nails or dyeing your hair can hinder entry into a good college because they don’t want “bad elements” in college. I couldn’t understand why the girls at school fold their skirts and wear them very, very short way.

There is censorship in this country. The movies have some cut scenes, but the Japanese don’t know it. The government controls TV and the news, manipulates and filters the news. I heard that even e-mails are violated. There’s a kind of “brainwashing” in this country, some people live unrelated to everything. The society ended up creating addicted in “animes” (cartoon) and “manga” (comic books), people who live obsessed in this world and in other artificial “worlds”.

About the “yakusa”, the Japan’s famous mafia, it is a non-secret criminal organization, unlike the Italian and Chinese mafias. Sometimes there are dozens of groups fighting each other. There are four main “yakusa” families: Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest group with 750 clans and close to forty thousand members; Sumiyoshi-rengo, with 177 clans and 10,000 members; Inagawa-kai, with 313 clans and 7,400 members; and Toua Yuai Jigyo Kummiai, divided into 6 clans and more than a 1,000 members, many of them are of Korean ethnic origin. Banks often informally use yakusa’s collection services, one of the reasons there is a low default in the country.

By Traveler Ni

I have traveled the world for the past two decades and recorded my experiences. Come join me on my travels and plan your own adventure.

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