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CHINA: An Introduction

Capital: BEIJING

Political System: Socialist Republic

Economy: 2nd largest economic power in GDP

Population: 1.4 billion, 1st most populous country in the world

Religions: Atheism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Islam and others

Facts and curiosities:

China (中國 “Zhong Guo”), means “Empire of the Center”, is famous for the Great Wall, which can NOT be seen from the Moon (but at a certain distance from space), and for numerous “pirate” products that can be seen on street vendors throughout this planet. It has thirty-three regions: twenty-two provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities and two special administrative regions.

It has one of the oldest and most developed cultures of the past. Its history is marked by countless civil wars and external wars, dominations, conquests and defeats, unifications and reunifications. It has 56 ethnic groups, the Hans being the most numerous. Abortion is widely practiced (estimated at 20 million per year), as well as female infanticide. The people are rude and have no notion of hygiene (in my point of view). It is the 4th largest territorial nation (or 3rd, depending on how it counts some disputed areas with India, Russia and Taiwan), behind Russia, Canada and the USA, it has an area similar to that of the USA.

Separatist states: Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang (or East Turkistan, or even Uighur).

The best known Chinese inventions are: compass, gunpowder, paper, printing, silk, umbrella, porcelain, pasta, ice cream.

By Traveler Ni

I have traveled the world for the past two decades and recorded my experiences. Come join me on my travels and plan your own adventure.

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