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Today it rained in the morning, hindered my plans, but I took a bus and went to the Temple of Heaven (Tiantan) anyway, it didn’t take much time, an hour or two was enough. This very beautiful, circular-shaped temple was built around 1420 AD and was used to make sacrifices to the “God of Heaven” and pray for a good harvest. The place was considered so sacred that only the emperor could enter the ceremonies.

The base of the Temple of Heaven has an almost quadrilateral shape. The south side was planned in straight lines and the north side in arched form, following the concept of a round sky and a flat Earth. At 2.73 km², its area is four times larger than that of the Imperial Palace. The Temple of Heaven includes to the north the Prayer Room for good harvests and to the south, the Circular Altar and the Celestial Imperial Dome. This temple bears an incredible resemblance to its disposition of the buildings with the Tabernacle, the temple of the Jews.

Nearby there was a small mall and I bought some things there. Then I came to find that in addition being fake, the headphones I bought did not work, I was very angry! I was also exploited by other little things.

From there, I tried to visit the Tibetan Lama Temple, but it was already closed, as well as the Confucius Temple 100m away, here the temples close at 5:00 pm. So I decided to walk around the neighborhood through a street full of religious goods stores that sold incense, books, images; and other old streets of poor and typical houses (called “Hutong”) with communal toilet, not yet run over by China’s merciless modernizing machine. For here you see everything under construction, blocks and streets disappear from the map to make way for the large avenues, and huge and luxurious malls. The government simply expels the residents. The works take place 24 hours a day, taking turns in shifts.

I passed quickly in the park Dialong, already almost dark. There was nothing that caught my eyes.

That night, I gathered up some courage and, after seeing some English tourists eating scorpion skewers, I decided to try scorpion, grasshopper, snakeskin and squid. The grasshopper skewer was dull, I don’t think there was enough seasoning, and the serrated grasshopper legs hooked and stuck my lips. The scorpion was snacky and crispy, a delight! And as for snakeskin, the taste looked like chicken skin, and the squid just looked like squid.

By Traveler Ni

I have traveled the world for the past two decades and recorded my experiences. Come join me on my travels and plan your own adventure.

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