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Traveler Ni continues his trip through China

In the evening I went to Ürümqi, back to He’s parents’ house and I went to dinner at the night market. The house was at my disposal, but it was agreed to pay an amount equivalent to that of a hostel, a RMB 25 or USD 3 per night.

The next day I didn’t do anything interesting. I bought an airfare to anywhere between Ürümqi and Xian, I decided to go to Lanzhou impromptu, but I would have to wait four days because the flights were sold out and I paid dearly for it, USD 180.

I slept all the afternoon I was feeling weak, I was starting to get a flu, I had a little fever and my bowel decided to misbehave due to last night’s fish that wasn’t fresh.

On Sunday it was the day 40th since I began my adventure through Asia.

I arranged to meet with Cassandre and Sébastien at Ürümqi railway station, they came from Kashgar. They stayed with me tonight, the next morning they went to Heavenly Lake. I recommended Mr. Rashit’s tents to stay, and I asked Cassandre to deliver some photos to Kul Joen. As I knew Ürümqi well, I took them for a city-tour and took the opportunity to know two more places that I had not yet gone. We went to Erdaoqiao, Mount Yamalik and two night markets (Jia He Yuen and Wu Yi), the latter was quite large, occupying several blocks. When it was already dark we went to a park where there was a movie playing on a huge big screen in an open air, there were hundreds of Chinese.

I finally found deodorant in Carrefour, besides expensive there was only the Adidas roll-on or the Nivea spray, even so it was rare to find, the Chinese of any ethnicity do not have the habit of using perfumes. Even seeing black people here was easier! Here at Carrefour you can buy live frog, because it is part of the local cuisine. Well, at least I managed to find dental floss, another rare thing in this country!

Anywhere in the countryside of China, where westerners are rarely present, children shouted “hello.” Just as the Asians are like aliens in some cities in the Brazil’s countryside, white people are like aliens here.

In the next two boring days I rolled up until the date of my flight. I updated a little more of my blog going to cyber-cafes. In China the cyber-cafes look like a smokehouse, it’s horrible, 90% of men smoke, 100% of which are drivers, and do not respect whether they are in a restaurant, bus or any other enclosed environment. The non-smoking signs is more like adornments, similar to pictures.

Hotmail and MSN didn’t work in this country for days. Maybe it has to do with the violation of correspondence and spying mainly from non-Chinese websites. I was searching on sites what was attractions and accommodation in Lanzhou. With my diarrhea, I took the opportunity to rest.

One day I would go to the zoo, but I changed my mind, it was very complicated, getting there at the gate of the zoo it had to take a bus from the zoo, because the entrance was not there, but elsewhere. As I was feeling weak and sleepy I sat somewhere on the sidewalk and dozed a little in the shade. And in the other day I went to Erdaoqiao again to buy some little bags, a Brazilian friend who was in Xian had ordered.

By Traveler Ni

I have traveled the world for the past two decades and recorded my experiences. Come join me on my travels and plan your own adventure.

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