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Traveler Ni continues his trip through China

The one-week holiday that would begin on October 1st this year. The Chinese celebrate what they call Mid-Autumn Festival with “Yue Bing”, or “Moon Cake”, a Chinese twist representing the moon with varied flavors, the most common being the sweet bean filling. As usual, on an extended holiday the whole China move, students go to their hometowns and others would travel for fun. Train tickets were hard to find and the lines at the ticket counters get kilometric.

We were waiting for a friend from Brazil to arrive in Xian. Denise was studying in Tianjin, an hour from Beijing, and she was of Taiwanese descent. I haven’t visit the famous Terracotta Warriors yet, I was waiting for her to arrive, so I wouldn’t have to go twice.

It rained less today and it was not so cold. In the afternoon I went to buy a speaker and webcam for my PC, I bought a local brand, at least I knew they were not pirates.

There were few people in the English Corner, due to the bad weather and the proximity of the holiday, maybe a lot of people went to travel. I had dinner with Steven and his friend Roy, another Cantonese guy, short and shy.

Written by Traveler Ni

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