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Traveler Ni continues his trip through China

I stayed at home all day long and I had for lunch the Flávio’s English breakfast and in the afternoon I took Cantonese class with Teresa.

I only went out to have dinner with Flávio and Daniela at a Chinese buffet in downtown, near where there was a huge poster of the soccer Ronaldinho, I registered a photo. I was a little disappointed, I was with too many expectations, there was a variety of dishes, almost everything, but there were no dishes of “chao mein” (the fried noodles, known by the Japanese name as “yakissoba” in Brazil) and no meat with broccoli, among others. There was “hwo gwo” or hot pot (known as “sukiyaki” in Brazil), some seafood, “tepan” (fried foods on the plate), dessert and also live small fishes to put into the hotpot. I paid for everything almost RMB 40 or USD 5.

But by 9:30, they had already collected everything, I couldn’t even get dessert! The restaurant looked like a smokehouse. Have I mentioned that 99% of the men smoke and very few women smoke in this country? They make a mess on the table and on the floor, like in any restaurant here, no matter the level.

Written by Traveler Ni

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