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Traveler Ni continues his trip through China

Today the weather was fine! After the meeting we went to eat my long-dreamed Peking Duck, a typical Beijing dish that cost twice as much there. Here in Xian it was around USD 10 a dish. The main thing is basically the skin of the roast duck that is eaten with Chinese bread in steam, a delight, the preparation takes 24 hours. You also eat some of the meat and take the duck soup.

In the afternoon I walked Lili through the center. She hardly knew the city, because she didn’t go out much, her friends in her apartment didn’t go out much either. I already knew how to take all the bus lines while she still got lost.

The next day was great, a day of clear skies. I went to a Foreigner Sunday service in the morning, obviously not recognized by the government. And I tried other exotic dishes for lunch: rice, beans and picanha with Brazilians friends at Flávio’s house. This meal I would only repeat when I arrive in Brazil next year. I was very anxious to bite a picanha (imported from Australia), but it was a great disappointment to have the meat well done! In the afternoon I fell asleep and then studied a little. I enjoyed the night of full moon, a beautiful night and decided to wander alone through the streets without certain destination. I dined a plate of dumplings, known as “guioza” in Japanese, those dumplings was in the shape of half moon.

Written by Traveler Ni

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