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Traveler Ni continues his trip through China

On Sunday, the fog returned. I went for a walk with Jane, Charlie and Roy’s campus, all Chinese and English students, on the other campus of XISU (Xian International Study University). This campus was very beautiful and new, only a year old, with some areas under construction still. It was considered Xian’s most beautiful campus, this campus was almost an hour away from the other campus near Flavio’s house. The library had a modern and futuristic architecture, which reminded me a little of Vancouver’s (Canada) by the circular format. The campus was smaller than USP’s (Universidade de Sao Paulo, where I studied). Charlie and Roy ended up paying the lunch, it’s pointless to argue, since I had paid Charlie last time, and I was a visitor, Jane didn’t even offer to pay or share. The Chinese are not in the habit of splitting the bill, it is something very ugly for them, so I always had to compete to pay the bill, it was always a pleasure for the one who could pay, and for me it was also a challenge.

Again I went to the Muslim Hui neighborhood with Rebeca and we had the dinner there.  There were things that were hard to describe. We ate in the outside area of the restaurant, more precisely on the sidewalk. One of the stoves was on the sidewalk too. The foreigners thought the cook was frying potatoes on the plate, but it was actually a white dough cut into cubes and with the spices left the color yellow like potato. The taste was reasonable.

The forecast for the week was rain and today it was raining, plus fog and cold. I needed to buy winter clothes!

I still had two weeks left in Xian, I was almost determined to go to Hangzhou, there I would stay at the house of Sébastien, the Frenchman I met in Kashgar. Then I would go to Shanghai to meet Luiz, my friend from Brazil who would be coming to China next month, he is a Chinese descent.

Today I took the opportunity to get tips about India, while having lunch with Aaron, the Australian and Daniel, the Colombian-American, maybe I will meet him in Washington-DC where he lives. As I had little travel time left, sixteen weeks, I decided to cut India from the planning, because I wanted to visit about ten countries and it would be very tight, maybe I had to cut more countries.

I met today the beautiful Russian Margarita, a provocative blonde breathtaking, she was a model, was learning Chinese and already spoke Spanish, Russian and English, studying journalism in Moscow. We talked in Spanish. It would be hard not to notice her even in a blonde land.

I had class with Teresa and since I wasn’t studying Cantonese lately, I was embarrassed by her. I had dinner with Flavio near home.

Here in China it was common to see car accidents on the streets, even if they are minor accidents, because they drive all too close to each other, besides being bad drivers and not respect the signs. They make the most use of the horn, although Xian is more controlled than in other much noisier cities.

Written by Traveler Ni

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By Traveler Ni

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