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Traveler Ni continues his trip through China

The weather was rainy and cold! Funny how there could be such a beautiful day between two days of unrelenting rains.

In the morning I got a fright when two condominium security guards knocked on my door. The security guards here dress like soldiers, initially I thought they were from the government. They wanted to know the names, when they arrived and what the foreigners were doing in the condo. Well, with my Chinese disguise I did well, but I was almost wrong, I couldn’t write Chinese and ended up writing in English anyway. I did not quite understand what they wanted, although I was not the tenant, I gave them f Flavio’s data, since he has foreigner face (even having the Japanese grandmother) and I do not. They asked me where I was from and I generally replied that I was from the South (of China), they must have understood southern China rather than South America. Anyway my origins are from southern China in part and part from Taiwan, which is also in the south comparing to Xian. Flavio and Regiane looked like Uighurs, or the Uighurs looked like them.

The foreigners here had to register at a police station when they were staying for a long time, otherwise they would get a fine. As I did not register I was afraid, but then I knew it was only for count of foreigners in the condominium, so they counted one less, since technically I’m foreigner.

Today I created the courage to eat the lunch box of the street, it was very good. At dinner I ate a greenish gray noodles, the guy made at the spot squeezing the dough into a mechanically driven machine. I also ate something else that looked like fried pastry dough with meat. I was going to see the results tomorrow, I thought I wasn’t going to have bowel problems.

I bought a 40 Gb pocket external hard drive I was seeing yesterday at the e-Mall. I hadn’t seen one in Brazil yet.

Written by Traveler Ni

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