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Traveler Ni continues his trip through China

The weather was cold, but less than yesterday. I had lunch with Teresa today, I probably wouldn’t see her anymore. Due to her grandfather’s illness, the next day she would have rushed to her city. In the afternoon I went again to the E-Mall and chatted with the people there.

I had dinner with Kang Li and finally I ate dog’s meat, but I could not say it was special because it was a soup. I probably would have liked it better if it was fried or grilled. The color was like beef, as for the flavor could not feel due to the herbs that stole the natural flavor of the meat. I was very anxious to eat, but I was imagining the poor animal, I had to create courage to put it in to my mouth. I was able to pay the bill again, sometimes the locals don’t allow me.

The next day the weather was neither hot nor cold but with a little sun. Then, I went to buy the train ticket to Hangzhou for the next Monday night for RMB 294 or USD 38, it was 24 hours of travel and 1558km. There I would stay at Sébastien’s home, the Frenchman I met in Kashgar. I was also going to meet a friend from Brazil there, also descendant of Taiwanese.

I arranged to have lunch with Isaac, Regiane and the Lesser Quintet here at home. I bought the street lunches spending only RMB 19 (USD 2.5) for eight people plus the coke 2 liters (USD 1), the lunch was enough – still left rice. In the afternoon I met beautiful Rebecca downtown. And I had dinner at a Korean restaurant with beautiful Caroline, the Sino-Filipino-American.

Written by Traveler Ni

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By Traveler Ni

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