Japan Travel


In the morning Teru accompanied me to the station, near his house, where we said goodbye. I was going to Sendai, just northwest of Tokyo, I was going to travel 900 km in four hours of shinka, but as I saw that the weather was good I changed my mind and went to Mount Fuji. I was going to send him a can of “feijoada” when he got back to Brazil next year.

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain and postcard in Japan. At only 3,776m tall, it is actually a still active volcano of perfect symmetry. From Osaka I went to Odawara, change lines to Kozu, and from there to Gotemba in Gotemba had a bus to the base of Mount Fuji. As I regretted, no sign of Fuji-San (as it is called locally), the hill was covered with clouds and I went only to the base, no photos or climbing, I lost my time and money! I should have gone straight to Sendai.

At night I went to another friends’ home in Otawara (town in Tochigui province, northeast of Tokyo, with 80,000 inhabitants), with the bullet train everything is close, I took the two-story train. The couple and their little girl picked me up at Nasu-Shiobara station.