Japan Travel


The weather was very good, so we went to Mount Nasu (or Nasuyama), an inactive volcano. We took the cable car and after arriving at the first stop we walked a little further up, but we did not reach the top because not everyone was in the mood. We strolled through Otawara, a relatively small town and cooler than Tokyo.

Here in Japan, children like to capture living insects, such as beetles, and keep them in a pot with plants. If I had known the importance, yesterday I would have caught a rhinoceros beetle, those who have horns on their heads, when I saw it at Nasu-Shiobara station, I had never seen one alive and flying. Honestly, even dead is already extremely rare to see.

In the evening I decided to go straight to Tokyo airport, since the next morning, very early, I would catch the plane to Beijing. But since it was a local airport, the security guards invited me to leave politely to close the doors, so I had to spend the night in a parking lot across the street from the airport.