Japan Travel


It was another rainy day in Tokyo. From the hotel I walked to Asakusa, passing through Kappabashi, an avenue full of household items stores, mainly kitchenware. The temple of Asakusa (Senso-Ji Buddhist Temple), in the old town, is the main attraction of this neighborhood, very beautiful and with dozens of stalls selling souvenirs and typical local foods, it worth a visit. The original temple built in 645 AD was destroyed in 1945, like almost everything in Japan during World War II. This region has a more relaxed and less hectic atmosphere. As the Sumida River was nearby, I decided to go there and take some pictures.

I found the cheapest “bentô” (lunch box) in Japan, so I decided to eat two for USD 2.50/each, after all here is extremely expensive. I continued walking to Ueno and Akihabara Park, from there I took the subway to Ikebukuro, another neighborhood full of entertainments and shopping malls in addition to many Japanese. Ikebukuro station is the second busiest in the country.