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The weather forecast was far away! The day was beautiful and cool, no rain, no clouds and no fog. We had lunch at McDonald’s, it was me, Flavio and two Koreans. We ordered the Korean snack, because today was not the day of the Brazilian snack. It came out expensive for the local standard, RMB 18!

I came along with Kang to the e-Mall to see the electronics again. She and her friend who worked there always ended up helping me look for things and haggle.

At night I went alone to Tang Paradise Park to see again the holographic movie of the fountain and watch the show of the Tang Dynasty, it was a theatrical piece with dances and beautiful choreographies, telling the story of emperor Tang, there was no singing, but it was worth it despite being more concerned with filming than paying attention. It almost got to the foot of Broadway, it was good.

Written by Traveler Ni