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My trip from Lanzhou to Xian was a string of delays, the bus delayed an hour, stopped to be repaired for another hour, had a detour on the way and a lot of traffic, and the road was stopped because of works, there were many trucks on the single narrow lane between the mountains. In the middle of the road appeared a lady selling food in styrofoam marmites brought in an aluminum tray, I do not know where it came from, but I ended up buying one and it was warm.

The forecast to arrive at 7pm was totally wrong and I arrived at 1:30 am at Flávio’s house, without remembering which condominium or floor it was. I was lucky to find a resident coming in and borrowed his cell phone to call. I was obviously fooled as to the length of the route, Chinese likes to cheat!

In the next two months I would devote myself to the studies of Mandarin and Cantonese in Xian. It was September 1st. 2006, my day of gravy, rest day and lots of rain. At least it was fresh, Xian is usually very hot, but the season was over. It was also the day to do my accounting, edit photos and update my blog.

The next day I met Regiane, a Brazilian from Ceará who was studying Chinese in Xian, she lived in the same condominium as Flávio. We had lunch all together.

The dinner was with American students at a supposed to be a Brazilian steakhouse. I was anxious, but it was a mistake, only the way of preparation was Brazilian, but the meats and other things had nothing to do with it. No picanha, fraldinha, contrafilé or filet mignon. I’d have to wait until the next year to kill the longing.

On Sunday I went to a Sunday service with the foreigners at Anita’s house, an American who grew up in Brazil, she loved Brazil and had a northeastern accent. The whole day was “smog”, glad it does not exist in Brazil, it was a sunny day but the sky was covered by a fog, taking all the liveliness of a clear sky.

I noticed that in China there is no squeegee and it is difficult to find beverage machines as in Japan or Taiwan.

china Travel


A cloudy day but no rain. I studied a little Mandarin in the morning and in the afternoon a crowd came to watch a movie at Flávio’s home, it was almost twenty people in total. It was very cramped the apartment, most of them were Chinese who wanted to train English. Flavio prepared some questions to be answered after the film, it was a pleasant moment. Any little meeting here they call it a party. Only Seal didn’t know English.

Ten of us had a dinner in a Chinese restaurant with another group of foreigners, and as my taste was different I ended up not liking what they have ordered, besides they were always ordering the same dishes. I preferred the Chinese restaurants in Brazil.

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china Travel


The flight from Beijing to Xian by China Southern was delayed about three hours because of yesterday’s rain. I had decided to go by plane instead of train, because I still felt insecure in this country. From Xian Airport, I took a bus to the center (the “Bell Tower”), and from there i took a taxi to Flávio’s house in the south region, which came out cheaper than taking a taxi straight from the airport.

Flávio, a Brazilian friend, was here to study the Mandarin language, the official language of China. In the evening we went out for dinner in a pizzeria of an English woman with some friends of Flavio, English and Welsh people , despite the good company, the pizzeria was no wonder, nothing compares to the Brazilian pizzas!

Xian, which means “Peace of the West”, was the capital of China during 13 dynasties between 1000 BC and 1000 AD, was known as Chang An, meaning “Eternal Peace”. It is the current capital of Shaanxi Province, situated almost in the geodesic center of China southwest of Beijing. It has a population of 5 million people and is very rich in culture and ancient history, being one of the ancient cities where the Silk Road began or ended (depending on the reference), famous for the accounts of Marco Polo, the merchant of Venice. Xian is famous for the Terracotta Warriors, a discovery made near the city.